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Local PR and Marketing
Many customers prefer to support businesses which support the local community. We all know get to know one another in the Chamber, and it can be an excellent source of referrals.  All members are listed in our Buy Maroubra Business Directory and as a sponsor on the website.  Members current as at the commencement of our financial year (July) are featured on the The Juniors Maroubra Fun Run flyer (print run of 50,000, distributed by letterbox drop, mail and member outlets.)  Higher membership categories get proportionally more publicity – see details on the Application Form.

Our monthly gatherings facilitate networking with other local business owners and senior managers – some or all of whom are likely to be your customers or a source of useful information, ideas and referrals. We all need to keep in touch with what is happening in the area.

Along with the serious discussions, we also have some fun and enjoyment at our Chamber gatherings. They provide good opportunities to socialize with other local business operators.

Political strength
As a member of the Chamber, you will have a much stronger political voice in dealings with the local Council and government agencies. If you have an issue of concern, you will always get a better hearing if you speak through the Chamber rather than as a lone small business.

The effectiveness of the Chamber in stopping the introduction of parking meters in Maroubra is a classic case in point. Had the Chamber not existed there would be meters everywhere by now, with disasterous consequences for all our businesses. This one Chamber campaign saves us all thousands of dollars every year – many times more than the annual membership fee.


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To join, just fill in a Membership Application Form and email or post it as directed on the form.

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