Buy Maroubra


There are many community benefits from buying locally wherever possible

  • It enhances the local economy and helps both established local businesses and local start-ups (entrepreneurs)
  • It helps local businesses provide local jobs
  • More and better local businesses provide more local choices (more things to buy, more local services, skills and expertise, more local competition, better local quality)
  • Shopping locally helps the environment (it requires less car travel, and therefore less pollution and less need for public infrastructure)
  • It also enhances our community. A true community provides social cohesion, friendship and support. It is better to recommend and deal with people you know locally than with total strangers.


Economic theory says that “free trade”, open markets, and the widest possible geographic competition give consumers lower prices and more choice.  This theory is fine so far as it goes, although it tends to ignore the social benefits of having a strong, efficient and prosperous local community.

Buy Maroubra promotes local competition, based on personal references.  Through our monthly Chamber of Commerce gatherings and other contacts, we each know something about other participating businesses.  We appreciate it is up to all of us to provide value in the goods and services we sell.  In a community like ours, there is nowhere to hide.  If any business did not provide good value, the personal referrals would dry up.

Visit our directory of businesses in Maroubra Junction, Maroubra Beach, the South Maroubra Shopping Village, Duffy’s Corner and Malabar Road that support the Maroubra & Districts Chamber of Commerce / Randwick Council shop locally campaign.


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